A number of individual farmers have decided to postpone a tractor protest which had been planned for tomorrow, Friday, September 13, until Monday, September 16.

The protest, which had been planned by a number of farmers who have been protesting outside factories around the country, was initially intended to take place on Kildare Street, according to demonstrators.

However, protesting farmers have informed AgriLand that the protest on Monday will be held at Dublin Port.

The planned tractor protest is being held following farmer frustration at the current stand-off between processors and demonstrators.

Speaking to AgriLand, one protester said: “The Dublin Road Policing Unit has been informed that it is going to happen; they said they’d send an email on to some of the ministers to let them know it’s taking place.

Really and truly they’ve lots of notice got; so if they don’t want it taking place, if the talks are on Saturday, they should have something done by then.

“None of us want to waste time heading for Dublin – but something has to be done.

“We don’t want to be going up annoying the ordinary people of Dublin; it’s nothing to do with them and it’s not fair that they’re going to have to be held up and delay. But there’s a lot of men around the country and we’re on our knees.

It seems to be the only route to try and get the Government to do anything or try and get someone to push things on. It seems to be the only spot you get listened to is up around there,” the protester said.