IFA North Galway set to protest outside IFA HQ on January 5

At a meeting last night (Tuesday) in Tuam, north Galway branches of IFA decided they will protest at the IFA National Executive meeting on January 5.

The meeting next week is the first National Executive of the IFA in 2016 and a significant protest is expected to take place at the IFA HQ in Bluebell.

A number of motions of no confidence in the Executive Board have been put forward by different counties in recent weeks, in light of the publication of the Con Lucey Report.

Tuam IFA meeting

Cortoon Lavelly Chairman Cathal Joyce said his branch met last week and members had said they were not happy and felt they were not being listened to by the executive of IFA.

“It was said at that meeting that other grassroots members felt the same so we organised a meeting of North Galway branches.

“Over 60 members from approximately 20 branches attended the meeting last night and everyone is eager to get moving forward rather than looking back.

“It seems to be a disconnect between grassroots and the Executive and they feel that the Executive is circiling the wagons.”

More action is needed, he said, and it was agreed at the meeting in Tuam that the vote of confidence in the Executive Board was a wrong decision.

“We are organising to protest in Dublin on Tuesday, January 5 regarding the current structure of the organisation and the way it is being manipulated by the Executive Council to create jobs for the boys, and the failure of the Executive to listen to the grassroots.”