Glanbia announces grain prices for 2018

It’s the moment grain farmers have been waiting for. Glanbia has announced its grain prices for 2018 this evening (Monday, September 24).

Whether it’s merely a coincidence or not, the majority of merchants across the country do not set their grain prices until Glanbia has finalised its price. In keeping with this trend, most merchants have not yet released this season’s harvest price.

Some grain merchants have paid certain sums on account; the balance can only be paid when final prices have been set. As was the case last year, Glanbia will pay a member-only price to its shareholders and a non-member price to non-shareholders.

Glanbia member-only prices with trading bonus (€/t):
  • Feed barley – 205;
  • Malting barley – 237;
  • Contracted winter barley – 215;
  • Feed wheat – 205;
  • Equine (oats) – 215;
  • Standard food-grade oats – 231
  • Gluten-free oats – 245;
  • Un-contracted feed oats – 200;
  • Oilseed rape – 356;
  • Feed beans – 237.

Glanbia non-member prices without trading bonus (€/t):
  • Feed barley – 193;
  • Malting barley – 225;
  • Contracted winter barley – 203;
  • Feed wheat – 193;
  • Equine (oats) – 203;
  • Standard food-grade oats – 219;
  • Gluten-free oats – 233;
  • Un-contracted feed oats – 188;
  • Oilseed rape – 344;
  • Feed beans – 225.

Bonus explained

All 2018 prices quoted include a standard transport allowance of €3/t, with higher allowances paid for growers located greater than 15km from the relevant drying locations. Prices are inclusive of €2/t of co-op support for grain supplied, plus a €10/t 2018 Grain Trading Bonus.

As previously announced, co-op members are eligible for the 2018 Grain Trading Bonus, which pays up to €10/t where purchases of qualifying inputs from Glanbia exceed €60/t of product supplied. Prices quoted above are excluding VAT.

Glanbia transport arrangements

At the beginning of the season Glanbia stated: “The base price for green grain will be centred on delivery from a distance of up to 15km and will include a premium payment of €3/t.”

Image source: Glanbia

2017 prices

In 2017, Glanbia paid a base price of €133/t for feed barley to non-members and €147/t to members. Farmers who supplied feed wheat were paid €157/t (members) and €143/t (non-members).