Frustrated farmer flays alleged fly-tipper on social media

A farmer who was victim to fly-tipping – the illegal dumping of rubbish and waste – on his farm publicly called out the owner of the trash on social media.

The farmer in question, Fraser Bain, a full-time farmer in Haddington, Scotland, took to Twitter to identify the owner of the rubbish, using an addressed letter found among the waste.

Bain also tagged his local authority, East Lothian Council, in the tweet, publicly informing the council of the incident.

Posting pictures of the rubbish strewn across his land – which appears to include kitchen appliances, furniture and what appears to be an old Christmas tree – the farmer also showed a name and address uncovered from the junk.

Bain said: “Ashleigh could of taken all her crap to the East Lothian Council tip but instead kindly donated it to my farm. Don’t be like Ashleigh.”

The tweet has provoked a strong response on social media, with some users applauding the public naming of the individual, while others have cautioned that it may have been the work of shady third-party waste disposal groups.

There have been no further updates by either East Lothian Council or Bain himself on the matter.

Rural issue

Fly-tipping has also been a major problem in Ireland in recent weeks, with many rural regions reporting cases of illegal dumping of rubbish following the Christmas period.