Fáilte Ireland ‘Taste the Island’ workshops to get underway

Fáilte Ireland is inviting businesses and individuals to take part in a new initiative entitled ‘Taste the Island – A celebration of Ireland’s food and drink’, which will take place during the autumn.

In preparation for the initiative, Fáilte Ireland is setting up a series of workshops, which are currently being rolled out across the country.

The workshops are aimed at informing local food and drink industries about the upcoming campaign, and to allow them to contribute to the development of the programme.

According to Fáilte Ireland, The Taste the Island project has been developed in response to a “growing global interest” in Irish food and drink; Tourism Ireland, Tourism Northern Ireland, and a range of other stakeholders are also involved.

The campaign will “showcase Ireland’s world-class food and drink culture” from September to November for the benefit of visitors to Ireland.

Organisers hope that the programme will create a “renewed appreciation at home and abroad” for Ireland’s food culture.

A ‘toolkit’ will also be provided to businesses that get involved in the workshops which, Fáilte Ireland says, detail how producers can can best deliver their products.

“We are urging people in the food and drink industry throughout Ireland to get involved and participate in our upcoming workshops in your area,” said Martina Kerr Bromley, Fáilte Ireland’s head of enterprise development.

Meanwhile, Tracey Coughlan, Fáilte Ireland’s food strategy manager, said: “We’ve done the research and know that in order to respond to the rapid growth in travel today, and increasing visitor expectations around food and drink, an initiative of scale is required to maximise our full potential in all areas.

“The international competition is intense; if we want to ensure that the tourism industry capitalises fully, this initiative will have to grow on a sustained annual basis,” she added.

The full list of locations, dates and times for the workshops are as follows.