Details: Over 100 John Deere 6R/M Series tractors to go to auction

On Wednesday (February 13), we brought you news that Euro Auctions has been appointed to “dispose of” the assets of the UK-based Hawk Plant equipment hire group – via auction.

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The auction is set to take place over two days – on March 14 and 15 – in England.

As well as a considerable fleet of plant/construction equipment, the catalogue includes a “large consignment of 2016-2018 John Deere tractors, along with associated trailers, implements and ancillary items – many of which are still in warranty”.

Euro Auctions has now updated its catalogue with details of specific tractors and equipment.

Image source: Hawk Group (website)

127 tractors are listed – most of which are recent/current John Deere models.

John Deere fleet

The biggest are a pair of 2016 8370R models. There are also six 2016 7R Series tractors. There are 111 6R/M Series tractors (mostly from 2016).

Other brands

There are four JCB Fastracs listed – three 4220 models (all from 2017) and a 3230 (from 2015).

To add some further colour to the mix, there’s a Case IH Puma 215 (2014), a McCormick MTX 135 (2008) and a couple of older Ford tractors.

The 127 tractors to go ‘under the hammer’ are:

John Deere models:

  • John Deere 8370R (2016) X 2;
  • John Deere 7310R (2016) X 1;
  • John Deere 7290R (2016) X 3;
  • John Deere 7250R (2016) X 2;
  • John Deere 6215R (2016) X 15;
  • John Deere 6195R (2017) X 4;
  • John Deere 6195R (2016) X 5;
  • John Deere 6175R (2017) X 4;
  • John Deere 6175R (2016) X 10;
  • John Deere 6155R (2016) X 36;
  • John Deere 6155M (2016) X 7;
  • John Deere 6145R (2016) X 20;
  • John Deere 6130M (2016) X 10;

Other brands:

  • JCB Fastrac 4220 (2017) X 3;
  • JCB Fastrac 3230 (2015) X 1;
  • Case IH Puma 215 (2014) X 1;
  • McCormick MTX 135 (2008) X 1;
  • Ford (unspecified models) X 2.

Please refer to Euro Auctions’ own website for ongoing updates and details of other lots.

It’s worth noting that the Hawk Group (headquartered in Prees, in northwest Shropshire, England) was well known as one of the biggest independent plant hire companies in the UK.

It went into administration last month, following financial difficulties.

The high-profile liquidation of Carillion – a UK-headquartered facilities management and construction services company – a year ago is believed to have contributed to the difficulties experienced by the Hawk Group.

The Hawk Group is a sizeable entity; its turnover in 2017 was reportedly in excess of £90 million.