Cattle slaughterings down by 1.3% in October

The number of cattle slaughtered in October 2019 decreased by 1.3% when compared to October 2018, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Some 177,500 head of cattle were slaughtered last month, compared to 179,500 head in October last year.

In stats published today, Thursday, November 28, it was revealed that pig slaughterings decreased by 1.1% last month, going from 300,600 head in October 2018 to 297,400 last month.

A further comparison of October 2019 and October 2018 slaughtering figures also show that sheep slaughterings decreased by 4.6% – 309,900 head last month, as opposed to 324,900 for the same month the previous year.

A comparison of figures for January-October 2019 with the corresponding period of 2018 shows that cattle slaughterings decreased by 2.8%.

Sheep slaughterings decreased by a substantial 7.2% over the nine-month period while pig slaughterings decreased by 0.3% over the same time-frame.

39,550 cattle slaughtered last week

Meanwhile, official figures show that some 39,551 cattle were processed in Department of Agriculture approved beef export plants last week.

This is just 793 head behind the same week in 2018, when some 40,344 head were slaughtered. The addition of last week’s throughput brings the cumulative kill for the year – up to and including last week – to over 1.57 million head.

This is a rise of 457 head on the previous week, when 39,094 head were slaughtered.

Looking at the figures in more detail, last week’s steer and heifer supplies stood at 15,503 head and 11,472 head respectively; when combined, this represents 67.7% of the total weekly kill last week.

Cow slaughterings stood at 8,059 head – up from 7,580 head the previous week – while young bull and aged bull throughput stood at 4,049 head and 600 head respectively.