Bruton to meet with agriculture representatives on climate

Richard Bruton, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment, will consult with representatives from several economic sectors, including agriculture, at a meeting today (January 18).

The Government has drawn up a plan that will, apparently, make Ireland a “leader in responding to global climate change”, and the purpose of today’s consultation is to decide how the plan will be implemented, and to draw “clear lines of responsibility”.

The consultation will include representatives from agriculture, industry, non-government organisations (NGOs), Government departments, academia, unions, and employer bodies, who will convene in Croke Park this morning.

A range of different issues will be discussed, including the best opportunities in each sector, what targets should be set, the best means of funding climate mitigating measures and what incentives could be put in place to encourage people to act.

“We need to step-up our response to climate disruption. The window for opportunity is closing. The decisions we take now will define the next century,” according to Bruton.

Bruton said he was “determined to make Ireland a leader” on climate change mitigation, and argued that “difficult choices would have to be made” by people for that to happen, including by farmers.

Every person, every community, every business, every home, every farm and every school will have to make changes in the way we live, work, and travel.

Bruton concluded by saying he was “consulting with representatives from sectors across the board, in identifying specific actions that will make a real difference,” adding: “I am looking forward to hearing from this wide range of voices and to a constructive, fruitful discussion.”