Cooler weather in store as temperatures will drop to -4

Frosty weather is set to return as conditions will turn cooler overall next week. Spells of rain are imminent with coldest spells over the weekend being experienced on Sunday night, according to Met Eireann.

Today (Friday, January 18) will be breezy with remaining rain clearing in the east and north, giving way to sunny spells and showers extending from the west of the country.

Most of the showers will affect Atlantic coastal counties today, where a few may be heavy and possibly prolonged at times.

According to the national forecaster, top temperatures today will range from 7° to 9° generally, but just 4° to 6° in Ulster.

Fresh and gusty southeasterly winds will cross the east and north. Elsewhere, winds will be light to moderate southwesterly.

Tonight will see scattered showers across the country with some turning heavy at times.

There will be clear spells but it will be cold tonight with lowest temperatures falling to between 0° and -3° with some patches of frost in places. Southerly winds will fall light with some mist or fog patches forming.


Tomorrow, Saturday, will see mist and frost patches slowly clearing. There will be a few showers with some bright or sunny spells.

Top temperatures on Saturday will range from 5° to 10°. It will be coolest in the northern half of the country. Winds will be light and northwesterly later in the day.

Saturday night will start with just a few showers. However, later in the night, outbreaks of rain will push into Atlantic coastal counties and northwesterly breezes will increase from moderate to fresh.

Lowest temperatures will be around 1° to 6° with patchy frost in the east and north.


On Sunday morning patchy rain will clear eastwards to isolated showers with good sunny spells developing. It will be a cool day with top temperatures of 5° to 8° in a moderate northwesterly breeze.

It will turn very cold on Sunday night under clear skies and just light variable breezes. Lowest temperatures will fall to between 0° and -4° with a widespread sharp frost.