Bord Bia looks to EU in plans for suckler beef promotion

Bord Bia has set plans in place with the aim of promoting Irish suckler beef in Europe.

A spokesperson for the Irish food board confirmed that Bord Bia has submitted an application to the European Commission for funding for the promotion of Irish suckler beef on the continent.

The application has been made as part of a work programme for member states which allows for funding for the promotion of specific features of agricultural production methods in the European Union, the representative added.

If the application is successful, co-funding of 70% will be awarded by the commission and a three-year campaign will be implemented in Germany and Italy.

Earlier this year, Bord Bia confirmed that it was in the process of ‘concept-testing’ the potential for Irish beef in a number of European countries, with the aim of launching a marketing campaign on the continent.

A spokesperson for Bord Bia at the time told AgriLand that it was exploring the possibility of raising interest in Irish produce in four countries.

“We placed a request for tender towards the end of last year to explore the potential for driving interest, awareness and sales of Irish suckler beef in four European markets.”

The spokesperson confirmed at the time that the countries in question were Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

“We expect to have the results in the near future and, depending on the findings, will move the project on to the next stage,” the spokesperson said.