A new billboard advertising campaign “celebrating Irish dairy farmers and their grass-fed Irish cows working together to sustainably produce top quality milk and dairy products” has been launched by the National Dairy Council (NDC).

The campaign aims to highlight Ireland’s grass-based farming system, as well as the expertise and commitment of individual farmers and their families in producing top-quality milk.

While the positive credentials of Irish dairy are longstanding and plentiful, the gap between food origin and consumer is growing, according to the council, which noted that, at the same time, consumers are demanding natural, sustainably produced food.

This, it was added, requires: transparency; authenticity; and taking responsibility for one’s health and environmental impact.

The campaign

The NDC with media agency OMD Ireland and PML revealed the campaign showcasing dairy farming excellence in a national outdoor campaign this week.

Through the campaign, giant images of Irish cows grazing freely on green pastures appeared on 47 outdoor billboards and across the country.

According to the NDC, more than 9,000 photos taken on Irish dairy farms were reviewed to find the perfect images, seeking simple shots that would convey Irish dairy farms authentically.

To promote impact, various billboard sites were booked nationally, and a mix of photography and copy lines are used in the billboards.

Speaking about the campaign, Zoe Kavanagh, CEO of the National Dairy Council, said:

“This is an important time to celebrate excellence in dairy farming. Our climate in Ireland makes us well suited to produce dairy sustainably.

Irish dairy has one of the lowest carbon footprints internationally, primarily due to the unique grass-fed, family-based Irish farming system which is extremely efficient and involves less intensive farming.

“The NDC believes in a future in which Irish dairy is recognised and trusted as a vital part of people’s diet and general health across the life stages, indispensable to Ireland’s social and economic well-being,” the CEO added.

The billboards

“Green grass, family-owned farms, top quality milk”, stated across a billboard, aims to connect consumers with the model of dairy farming in Ireland, joining the dots between quality farming and quality food, the council says.

This is to link the farmer, the animals and the land, noting that all work in harmony to produce quality milk.

The NDC said it continues to reconnect consumers with food origin with the powerful execution that simply states “The great taste of grass-fed dairy starts here”.