1,000L of milk overflowed from a milk silo at the Glanbia processing plant in Belview earlier this week.

The incident occurred yesterday (Thursday, July 22) following a “software fault” at the plant a spokesperson for Glanbia said.

In a brief statement on the matter, the Glanbia representative said:

“A milk silo overflowed briefly [on] Thursday, July 22, following a software fault in the Belview plant.

“The incident lasted no longer than one minute. Approximately 1,000L of milk overflowed into a containment bund and there was no environmental impact.”

The milk was contained in a retention tank and subsequently removed for treatment and disposal, the spokesperson said, adding:

“The software issue has since been rectified and a corrective action is in place so that it cannot happen again.

“Business was not interrupted during the brief incident at the site and normal operations continue,” the representative concluded.

In other dairy-related news, Aurivo and Arrabawn became the latest processors to announce their June milk prices – with both co-ops deciding to hold their respective prices for last month’s milk earlier this week.

On Tuesday (July 20), Aurivo has announced its decision to pay 35.75c/L including VAT and standard bonuses.

This is unchanged from the previous month’s price. Meanwhile, Arrabawn will once again pay its suppliers a June price of 35.8c/L including bonuses and VAT.

This follows on from the previous announcements of other milk processors last week.