The unusual sight of four Jersey cows kitted out in matching Christmas jumpers with their farmer owner is the centre-piece for a clever festive promotional video that has emerged online.

Created by Visit Jersey, the tourism business for the UK Channel Island, also called Jersey, the video highlights two of the island’s most famous exports – the animal and the jumper, both of the same name.

In its appropriately seasonal promotion, Visit Jersey stated: “You ‘herd’ it here first!

“This festive season our famous Jersey girls have been spotted dashing through the fields wearing matching Christmas jumpers!

Meet local dairy farmer Becky and her lovely ladies Carol, Holly, Mary and Mariah Dairy…

Introducing Becky Houzé as a local Jersey dairy farmer and Christmas super-fan, the tourism firm added:

“She believes that everyone deserves a little holiday cheer, so Becky decided to surprise her girls with their very own Christmas jumpers to make a festive dairy tale come true.”

Moving on to the island’s most famous exports, it is noted: “Jersey was once world-famous for its woollen trade with knitting one of Jersey’s main industries.

“Because of the popularity of Jersey wool, knitted jumpers came to be called jerseys, after the island. The first recording of a jumper being called a jersey is in 1837. The rest is history,” according to Visit Jersey.

“The pure-bred Jersey cow originated from the island and Jersey cows can now be found as far afield as India, South America, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Jersey cows are famous for their rich and creamy milk, so don’t miss the chance to try some real Jersey dairy-licious Christmas treats while you are on the island.

“Jersey has a little something for everyone looking to get in the Christmas spirit this year.

“For those looking to take away a piece of the island for their special someone, there are Christmas markets happening throughout December bursting with local crafts,” the tourism firm concludes.