DeLaval – the Swedish milking equipment and technology company – showcased its new Rotary E100 milking parlour to an Irish audience at this week’s National Ploughing Championships.

Visitors to Screggan witnessed the key features of the new rotary, which is focused around the four customer challenges of: animal welfare; milk quality; farm profitability; and work efficiency.

When it comes to animal welfare, the E100 is designed to ensure that everything “works to move cows calmly and efficiently trough a gentle and safe process”.

Below, Gary Edwards – the company’s CMS solutions manager – highlights some of the key features of the E100 rotary.

The E100 is an “efficient machine”, which drives the throughput you need. It is this “unrivalled efficiency” that makes it possible to spend less time, with fewer people, milking more cows.

With the ability for one operator to control the milking process and a focus on cow flow that makes it possible to increase throughput, the E100 is claimed to make it possible for you to do more with less.

Claimed key features:
  • Reduced milker workload;
  • Faster cow exiting;
  • Rotation speed can be controlled by production group settings;
  • Highest milk capacity on the market;
  • Predefined service costs;
  • High throughput with only one milker;
  • Integrated system and tank cleaning;
  • Lower water consumption;
  • Up to 1.5 cow entry for faster loading.

The DeLaval VMS V300

The company also showcased its latest innovation in robotic milking – the DeLaval VMS V300.


Described as a new experience for cows and customers, the VMS V300 is said to help farmers by making them less reliant on future labour market uncertainties, while also keeping them at the forefront of animal welfare and food safety.

Claimed features:
  • 99% teat spray hit rate;
  • Real quarter milking;
  • Up to 10% higher capacity from the previous model and lower running cost;
  • Up to 99.8% attachment rate;
  • Up to 50% faster attachment time.

The VMS V300 system, which is now available worldwide, comes with the DeLaval InControl. This is the new user interface that allows access to information and control of the system remotely.