Tracey and Whelan take top honours at ‘Ploughing 2018’

Eamonn Tracey and John Whelan took top honours at the National Ploughing Championships once again this year.

Martin Kehoe finished just one point behind Tracey, while Kieran Coakley finished in third place in the senior conventional test match.

In the Kverneland reversible test match, Dan Donnelly came second behind John Whelan – his fellow county man. Brian Mahon – who is also chairperson of the Offaly Ploughing Association – came in third place.

Another win of note yesterday was Steve Tracey in the novice match. Steve is a son of Eamonn Tracey, who is the current World and All-Ireland Champion.

Official ploughing competitions came to an end yesterday (Thursday, September 20). However, a match between former world champions will go ahead today on the site.

A list of Thursday’s results are detailed below.

Senior reversible test match:
  1. Eamonn Tracey – Co. Carlow;
  2. Martin Kehoe – Co. Wexford;
  3. Kieran Coakley – Cork West.

Kverneland reversible test match:
  1. John Whelan – Co. Wexford;
  2. Dan Donnelly – Co. Wexford;
  3. Brian Mahon – Co. Offaly.

Novice two-furrow conventional senior plough class:
  1. Steve Tracey – Co. Carlow;
  2. Ellen Nyhan – Cork West;
  3. Mark Smith – Co. Wexford.

Junior conventional plough class:
  1. John Cottrell – Co. Kilkenny;
  2. Tom Duffy – Tipperary North;
  3. Derek O’Driscoll – Co. Kerry.

Standard three-furrow reversible plough class:
  1. Francis Hanney – Co. Wexford;
  2. Padraig Walsh – Cork West;
  3. Frankie Gowing – Co. Offaly.

Special horse plough class:
  1. Jeremiah Delaney – Cork East;
  2. Gerard King – Co. Louth;
  3. James Kilgariff – Co. Galway.

Vintage single-furrow mounted:
  1. Trevor Fleming – Cork East;
  2. Gordon jennings – Cork West;
  3. David Levingstone – Co. Wexford.

Vintage single-furrow:
  1. JJ Farrell – Co. Meath;
  2. Gavan Duffy – Co. Meath;
  3. Richard Duffy – Co. Dublin.