There is large variation in silage prices across the country. Quality is also variable and farmers need to choose carefully when parting with their money.

AgriLand‘s latest round-up of prices showed grass silage bales (4X4) varying in price from €20 to €30 and up to £30.

Farmers should ask sellers when the silage was cut and baled to get a better understanding of what they are buying, as there is good-quality silage available.

There is also some of last year’s silage floating around and, while it may still be good quality, farmers should look before they buy – no matter when it was made.


The lowest price that AgriLand came across was €20/bale in Co. Wexford.

In the midlands, prices were coming in at €22/bale in Co. Laois and Co. Westmeath. In Co. Carlow, bales were moving for €27/bale and were as high as €30/bale in Co. Offaly. This €30/bale price was matched in Co. Dublin.

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Moving up the country, €25/bale was being asked for in the counties of Louth and Meath. €23-25 was the going rate in Co. Monaghan, depending on quality.

Prices were generally higher in the more northern parts of the country and stood at £30/bale in the counties of Fermanagh and Antrim.

In the west, €30/bale seems to be the standard price whether you’re in the counties of Donegal, Mayo, Clare or Kerry.