AgriLand visited a crop destined for Glanbia’s gluten-free oats plant last week. Harvesting was in full swing just outside Tullow in Co. Carlow. Two Claas combines, two chaser bins and two lorry trailers were all being used to ensure a contamination-free crop.

The two combines which are leased by Glanbia are new to the company this season. A change from last season is the addition of tracks. However, the dry conditions made for easy travelling.

Jeremy O’Toole was in charge of the Claas Lexion 670. Jeremy is employed by Glanbia to manage the harvest equipment and also organise the harvest team.

Across the tramlines, Joseph O’Grady manned a Claas Lexion 570.

Two chaser bins kept the tanks empty. Brendan McCall was on board the T214 Valtra, while James Doyle steered the T190 Valtra. Both were emptying into trailers drawn by Alan Davis for Harris Transport to Glanbia’s oat intake in Ballitore, Co. Kildare.

Speaking to AgriLand, Mariea O’Toole – from Glanbia – explained that it is essential to have separate combines and trailers for the gluten-free oats.

“A grower wouldn’t have time to clean a combine in between cutting other crops. We tried cutting with another combine and the contamination was massive.

“This year is a dream because there’s no pressure, normally it’s a logistical nightmare. It figures itself out, but when you’re in the middle of acres – with rain on the way – it can be difficult.”

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