Warm weather remains this week with highs of 30°

Warm temperatures remain in store for all parts of the country over the next few days, with long spells of hazy sunshine throughout, according to Met Eireann.

Afternoon temperatures today (Wednesday, June 27) will range from 26° to 30° generally. Temperatures will be slightly cooler along the coast due to onshore breezes, especially along the east and south coast.

Dry and calm conditions are in store overnight, with lowest temperatures of 10° to 13°. There will also be a chance of some fog patches forming around dawn, according to reports by the national meteorological office.


Shallow mist and fog will clear soon after dawn tomorrow, giving way to a dry and sunny day. However, sunshine will be hazy at times due to high cloud.

Top temperatures are likely to reach about 26° inland and a refreshing sea breeze will hold temperatures around 21° to 22° on the coast.


Very warm or hot conditions are forecast on Friday, with sunshine in all areas and afternoon temperatures ranging from 25° to 30°. Again, eastern coastal counties will remain a few degrees cooler due to refreshing sea breezes.

Continuing generally dry over the weekend with more cloud cover, especially in western and northern counties. There is a possibility of slight rain showers in places in the later hours of Saturday; however, temperatures will remain in the mid-twenties and possibly higher in some southern areas.

It will remain dry in most places on Sunday, but cooler in the north and north-west – with temperatures hovering around 20º. Warmer conditions will remain in Munster and Leinster, with temperatures ranging in the mid-twenties, Met Eireann explained.

Some uncertainty remains for early next week, with the latest indications suggesting more in the way of cloud along with some sunshine. It is set to be dry for much of the time on Monday, but there will be an increasing possibility of showers developing.