Video: ‘Christmas Tractors’ light up Nenagh

The ‘Christmas Tractors of Nenagh’ charity event in the Co. Tipperary town, held on Saturday, December 21, seems to have been roaring success, with tractor and farm machinery owners going all out to bring some festive cheer.

The event was organised by the non-profit organisation Ballycommon Sponsored Ride, and saw agricultural contractors from north Co. Tipperary turn out for the procession through the town.

Members of the local fire brigade also made an appearance, along with Santa himself.

The tractor run was supported by the Chamber of Commerce, the local council and businesses in the area. The aim was to bring families into the town for a “wonderful spectacle” so close to Christmas.

This was the second year of the event, with the proceeds going to two worthwhile charities: Embrace Farm and ‘Billy’s Recovery’.

Image source: John W Anderson

Embrace FARM is a farm accident support network. It supports those who have been affected by farming accidents, both fatal and serious injuries.

Billy’s Recovery is a charity set up for young Billy Goulding. The funds from the event will help in providing him with much-needed support and care as he grows up.

To learn more about Billy’s story, click here.

Image source: John W Anderson

The main organiser behind the Ballycommon Sponsored Ride is local North Tipperary man, Albert Purcell.

Albert has been involved with local community fundraising for many years through the Ballycommon Sponsored Ride.