Businesswoman Aileen Barron to pen agri-marketing column for AgriLand in 2020

The new year will bring a new feature for AgriLand’s readers to enjoy: A column that focuses on marketing in the agri-business sector.

Aileen Barron is a marketing professional and the managing director of Green Acre Marketing. She has over six years experience in agri-business and marketing, having studied these in college. She is also from a farming background, having grown up on a dairy farm.

In the video below, the Co. Waterford native sits down with AgriLand news editor Claire Mc Cormack to chat about her extensive experience, and also what she hopes to achieve with the new column.

“I’m hoping I can disseminate some of the myths around marketing really. I’m hoping, on a regular basis, that I can give good content that agri-businesses will understand and give lots of tips along the way on how they can improve their marketing practices,” Aileen explained.

“Really, to just try to keep on top of what’s new, and new trends in marketing, that kind of information – that’s what I hope to achieve,” she added.

The other thing I hope to achieve is the bringing together of sales and marketing function. I can speak with experience on this because I’ve worked in sales roles, I understand the sales process. As a business, we’re very commercially driven, and driven at getting results.

As for what the reader can get out of Aileen’s contributions, she has hopes that it will highlight the close relationship between marketing and sales.

“What I really hope people will get out of it is that they would see that marketing and sales are actually really closely connected, and that they need to be brought closer together,” she outlined.

I often say to people that marketing is what people say about you in the room when your sales person is gone.

“If I can help bring things to agri-businesses and help them improve their brand and improve their marketing, that’s what I’m hoping to achieve,” Aileen concluded.

Stay tuned to AgriLand in 2020 for Aileen’s new column. To learn more about Green Acre Marketing, click here.