Belgian farmers have blocked roads, dumped manure and emptied tankers of milk in protest against the low prices they are receiving for their produce.

Like the French farmers, they have resorted to setting pyres of tyres on fire in protest.

According to Russia Today around 200 milk producers and pig farmers have blocked roads in the city of Battice in protest against falling milk prices and meat .

The group also blocked the entrance to the center distribution chain Colruyt supermarkets in Ghislenghien, it says, shedding a huge pile of manure outside the entrance.

Another 500 farmers are reported to have lit more tyres on fire and spilled gallons of milk in protest of low prices.

The Belgian farmers have also blaocked roads, with reports saying that hundreds of tractors brought traffic to a standstill on Belgium’s E40 motorway on Thursday (July 30).

The French farmers have been protesting solidly for several week now, with the French Minister for Agriculture, Stephane Le Foll, stating that some 23,000 French farmers face bankruptcy.

He has said that there is an agricultural crisis with a global crisis related to the butter market, the milk powder at the end of quotas and contraction of larger markets, especially China.

The Russian embargo and competition from other EU countries are other reasons for the low producer prices.