UK farm vandalised and animals abused in criminal break-in

A community farm in the UK was targeted by criminals during the week, who threw bricks at the pigs enclosed on-site, as well as stealing and vandalising the establishment.

The incident occurred in Hull, on the east coast of England, at East Hull Community Farm. It is believed that the break-in occurred on Tuesday night (May 22).

In a statement posted on Facebook, a spokesperson for the farm said: “Last night thieves broke into the farm. The worst thing by far that they did was to throw bricks at the pigs.

“How some people sleep at night we will never know. They vandalised the large greenhouse and stole hanging baskets ready for customers to pick up, plants, a white sack which held our empty hanging baskets and, once again, our watering wand plus the adapter for the tap.

They broke into the small chicken hut, smashed the whole door of the large greenhouse, and totally wrecked all the windows in what was the farrowing shed.

“If you have any idea who has done this act of cruelty and destruction to a community farm, which is only here for the community and all our lovely trainees, please get in touch.

Image source: East Hull Community Farm Facebook page

“If anyone tries to sell you plants or hanging baskets, or you hear anything, please report it to the police or us,” the farm spokesperson urged.

“The pigs are fine so please do not worry. We all feel so sad and very angry. Thank you for your continued support to the farm and our trainees.”

Image source: East Hull Community Farm Facebook page