IFA members have until midnight tonight to submit their views on the future structures of the organisation to Con Lucey, the man appointed to carry out a root and branch review of its entire operation.

The report of the former IFA economist will be put to the members of the organisation’s Executive Council on Tuesday December 15. It will also be made public at that time.

Lucey has been asked to come up with a series of recommendations which will address all aspects of IFA corporate governance, including all relevant salaries. He will also address all issues relating to the transparency associated with the decisions taken and the procedures followed by the IFA at all levels.

Lucey has already made it clear that he believes the IFA should be above suspicion and reproach when it comes to the handling of its affairs. He is widely regarded as the man best qualified to advise on the how best the IFA can re-structure itself in order to win back the support of Irish farmers.

Many grass roots’ members have expressed deep concern at the recent revelations regarding the salaries received by former Chief Executive Pat Smith and former President Eddie Downey.

An IFA spokesperson confirmed that he Con Lucey report will be presented to Executive Council on December 15.

“It will be discussed by the Council at the meeting.”

IFA members should make submissions to [email protected]