A survey was released today which aims to assess the use of technology in arable agriculture in Ireland. The survey was compiled as part of the Consus project in University College Dublin (UCD) and the results of the survey will be used to guide research into the future.

The survey is completely anonymous and it is hoped that as many tillage farmers as possible will fill out the survey in order to give a good understanding of technology use on Irish tillage farms.

Speaking on the survey, Gary Gillespie, who is a researcher working on the project, stated: “The aim of this anonymous survey is to determine which technologies Irish arable farmers have adopted to facilitate their farming systems.

Along with this, barriers to the adoption of technologies will also be assessed to determine if future research projects can be aligned with the responses to this survey to allow for greater uptake of technologies.

“Understanding what the barriers of technology adoption are will allow us to conduct research on behalf of arable farmers to alleviate or overcome these concerns.”

The survey takes a few minutes to fill out and can be found at this link

Questions vary from the number of tractors on your farm and the horsepower of those tractors, to examining the use of GPS technology on farms. For example, whether you use GPS or not and where it is used the survey aims to find out what systems are used on the farm.