There’s severe frost forecast in parts this week

Most areas will remain dry and settled for the rest of the week and over next weekend, but there will be a little light rain and drizzle in parts, according to Met Eireann.

Today, Monday is forecast to be dry in most areas, with sunny spells developing.

However, some areas will be cloudier, especially some west and southwest coasts, with the possibility of a little patchy drizzle.

Highest temperatures today will range between 6 to 10 degrees Celsius, with mostly light southeasterly breezes.

Tonight, most areas are expected to remain dry, with variable cloud cover, but it will be very cold where clear spells occur, with a sharp frost.

Temperatures tonight will vary between -2 to 3 degrees and fog patches are likely to occur in light winds.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be a dry day, with good sunny intervals in most parts, but fog could linger in some areas throughout the day, with little or no wind, according to Met Eireann.

Cloud will increase along northwest coasts, bringing a little patchy light rain or drizzle there later. Maximum temperatures will range between 5 to 9 degrees.

Tuesday night is forecast to be mostly cloudy in the north and northwest, with patches of light rain or drizzle, mainly in coastal areas, but temperatures will remain a few degrees above freezing here.

Elsewhere, a dry night is in store, with clear intervals and it will be very cold, with frost, the frost possibly severe in Munster and the southern half of Leinster.

Fog is expected to feature too, with the risk of dense pockets in parts.

Mainly dry, settled conditions with some bright or sunny spells by day are forecast for the remainder of the week and into next weekend.

But Met Eireann has said that there will be a good deal of cloud overall and a little patchy light rain or drizzle is possible, mainly along north and northwest coasts.

It is forecast to be quite cold, with maximum daytime temperatures ranging between 5 and 9 degrees.

Winds will be light and variable or calm and there is a risk of fog at night, possibly lingering on during the day in some parts.

There is also a risk of frost where any breaks in cloud occur, but it is unlikely to be severe where it occurs.