Straw prices: Market begins to move as rain continues

Despite the growing trend to chop straw in the past year, it would appear that there is no shortage of the commodity on the market.

Although the movement of straw has been slow until now, the recent wet weather has caused an increase in demand.

Counties across Leinster appear to be the main suppliers of straw at the moment. However, there is quite a difference between prices being charged in south Leinster, compared with those further north in the province.

This week AgriLand undertook a quick round-up of straw prices from advertisements – gleaned across the country – to give readers an idea of current values.

A 4X4 round bale of barley straw is reportedly making up to €16/bale in Co. Kildare, while winter barley straw in Co. Longford has been making €13-14/bale in some cases. Wheaten and oaten straw continues to sell for below these prices.

In the south-east, there have been remarkably low prices quoted. This may be in part due to higher supply. In counties Wexford and Kilkenny a 4X4 round bale is quoting at €10-12/bale.

Moving to the west of the country, it appears that straw dealers are selling 4X4 bales of barley straw for as much as €20/bale. In the same county, 8X4X3 bales of barley straw are moving at €35/bale (including delivery nearby).

Back in Leinster, the prices being charged for 8X4X3 bales of barley straw are considerably lower, coming in at €18-20/bale in Co. Longford.

While 8X4X4 big square bales are making more than their smaller counterparts, the typical value of an 8X4X4 is just €2-5/bale more.