Straw is still in demand across the country with prices remaining close to an average of €20 for a 4X4 round bale.

As is tradition, the price of straw is slightly cheaper in eastern parts of the country where tillage is more common, but the divide isn’t as noticeable as it was during the harvest.

Most sellers on Donedeal are willing to deliver or to arrange delivery once a trailer load of bales are purchased, while the cost of delivery depends on the distance of the journey.

Sample prices 4×4 round bales:
  • Meath €18
  • Wexford €20
  • Laois €20
  • Kildare €18
  • Kerry €22
  • Donegal €20 

Meanwhile, the larger square bales of straw are being advertised on Donedeal for between €35-40 in parts of the country.

€20/bale represents good value for money

If farmers can buy round bales of straw at €20/bale it represents very good value for money, according to a spokesperson for the Irish Grain Growers Association (IGGA).

The true value of a round bale of straw is closer to €30/bale in terms of energy value.

“However, the straw market is hanging in the balance and is very weather dependent,” the grain growers spokesperson said.

The grain growers believe that if the weather was to turn bad in the next few weeks then there is a real possibility of the price of straw rising again.

Comparison with Hay and Silage

Meanwhile, the average price of straw is on a par with the price of silage at the moment, while 4X4 round bales of hay are between €5-10/bale more expensive.

At the moment silage can be bought on Donedeal for between €15-25 right across the country.

With regards to hay, 4X4 round bales are selling for upwards of €20/bale, with the top price recently being advertised in Co. Donegal at €30/bale. 

Hay is more commonly seen advertised for sale in the eastern half of the country, with very few sellers from western counties apparent on Donedeal.