Sheep Marts – Store lambs remain in strong demand as top lot makes €2.40/kg

Store lambs continue the trend of being in good demand with the best of these lots making €2.40/kg, according to the country’s sheep mart managers.

However, the lighter mountain types have become increasingly difficult to sell with reduced demand around the ring for these lots.

Meanwhile, factory and butcher lambs remain a good trade as Christmas approaches, these lots generally traded for €2.02-2.54/kg and €2.04-2.21/kg respectively. These lots are also meeting a good trade in the countries sheep factories.

Furthermore, factory fit cast ewes continue to meet a buoyant trade with the hammer falling on the best of these lots at €125/head.

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The sheep trade had improved in Roscommon Mart on Wednesday, according to the Mart Manager Maura Quigley.

According to Quigley, there were bigger numbers of sheep on offer but this had little impact on the trade as the prices achieved for lambs were up on previous weeks.

She added that there was a good trade for lambs with factory and butcher lots trading at €2.02-2.29/kg and €2.04-2.11/kg respectively.

The store lambs also remained in good demand with these lots making €2.10-2.40/kg or €45-53 over.

There was almost a full clearance of cast ewes, she added, with the trade for these lots similar to last week’s levels and the hammer fell on these lots from €54-125/head.

Trade was very good in Kenmare Mart on Monday for the 1090 sheep on offer, according to the Mart Manager Dan McCarthy with scotch store lambs selling for €2/kg.

According to McCarthy, store lambs are still commanding a good price with the best of these lots making €2.33/kg, with strong demand for Suffolk stores.

However, he added that trade for similar type ewe lambs had slipped on previous weeks with these lots back by €5-6/head.

The Mart Manager also said that the lighter types scotch store had also eased and it was becoming more difficult to sell these lots.

Increased butcher demand in Fermoy Mart on Monday had a big impact on the trade for the 450 sheep on offer, according to the Mart Manager Sean Leahy.

According to Leahy, the trade had improved as local butchers try to secure lambs for the upcoming Christmas market.

As a result of this extra demand, factory and butcher lambs traded at €2.16-2.54/kg and €2.11-2.21/kg respectively with lambs weighing 47-48kg meeting the strongest demand.

The forward store lambs also met with strong demand with these lots selling for €2.22-2.38/kg, added Leahy.

The numbers of cast ewes coming forward are also holding up, according to Leahy, with the best of the factory fit lots trading at €124/head but the demand for feeder ewes has weakened with the hammer falling on these lots at €55.

Forward store lambs had improved by €5-6/head in Dowra Mart on Friday, according to the Mart Manager Terry McGovern.

According to McGovern, these forward store types met with a good buyer trade and generally sold from €80-95/head.

Furthermore, he added that factory fit lambs were also very dear and the best of these lots made €110-112/head.

He added that the best of the cast ewes made €100/head while the lighter feeder types made €70/head.