It is understood that the balance of payments under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Greening Payment will issue this week.

Advanced payments under the scheme began issuing in Ireland on October 16, 2015. This year the level of the advance payment was set at 70% for 2015 rather than the normal 50%.

The increase in the advance payment this year is, in particular, was due to the difficulties encountered in the dairying and pigmeat sectors.

Ireland was among the earliest to pay the BPS in the European Union and to date 114,372 farmers have received payments totalling € 725.7 million.

This week the balance of payments (final 30%) will issue to farmers.

Thousands of farmers still waiting on payments

Department has said that it is continuing to process outstanding BPS cases for payment as a matter of priority with over €1 billion anticipated to be paid to farmers by early December.

EU Regulations governing the BPS require the Department to carry out administrative checks to verify that the eligibility conditions for aid have been met.

The regulations also require that these administrative checks be supplemented by on-the-spot checks, i.e. ground and/or remote sensing inspections.

Furthermore, the Department says the regulations state that payments due under the Direct Payment schemes shall not be made before the verification of the eligibility conditions have been finalised.

This means where an individual application has been selected for a remote sensing inspection, no payment can issue to the applicant until the inspection has been completed and the results are fully processed.