The makers of ‘Gogglebox Ireland’, ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’, and ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ are seeking singletons living in rural Ireland who want to meet someone special, to take part in a new TV show.

The show aims to find romance for people whose work ties them to the countryside and whose dating life suffers as a result.

“If you find dating tricky because of lack of options in your rural area, we would love to hear from you,” said a spokesperson for Kite Entertainment.

Filming will take place later this year across the country. All ages above 18, and all orientations are welcome to apply, the spokesperson said.

“The show aims to help the hard working men and women of rural Ireland and those who are feeling like they are not part of a singles social scene, to find true love,” the spokesperson continued.

“Whether you’re a farmer, a vet, an agricultural contractor or even a shop owner living rurally, if you’ve struggled to find the right person because your career keeps you tied to the countryside, this could be the perfect solution.

“The show will turn what was once a disadvantage of living in the beautiful Irish countryside into a major advantage by matching rural singles with city dwellers hoping for a taste of rural life, and helping them find the person they are most compatible with.”

Kite Entertainment also has a call out for urbanites looking to escape the city grind in search of a more relaxed lifestyle and possibly the chance to find love.

Casting for the show is ongoing throughout the summer. Details of the show are being kept under wraps at present, with the name unannounced.

Kite Entertainment, which has been entertaining audiences for 15 years, hopes to showcase some of the most beautiful parts of the country during filming.

Anyone singletons interested in taking part in the show should get in touch with [email protected], giving some information about themselves and why they would like to take part.