The roll-out of high-speed internet hubs across the country is a welcome feature of the National Broadband Plan – but they need to be established as soon as possible, according to independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice.

With 30 such expected for counties Galway and Roscommon while the National Broadband Plan is being delivered, deputy Fitzmaurice said it is hoped that people will have free access to high-speed internet at these hubs.

He outlined that the hubs will be located in places such as libraries, community centres, schools and local facilities – from the second quarter of next year.

Speaking on the matter, deputy Fitzmaurice said: “People in rural Ireland have been forced to wait for far too long already for quality broadband services.

The introduction of these hubs must not be delayed as they will be a vital resource to areas where broadband coverage is poor at present.

“It is important that they are established and up and running as soon as possible,” the Roscommon-Galway TD stressed.

“The hubs will provide people living in rural parts of the country with an opportunity to access high-speed broadband in their locality – while they wait for the National Broadband Plan to be rolled out,” the independent TD concluded.