Tractor protest to hit Merrion Square tomorrow – organisers

The tractor protest that is being organised by a number of individual farmers is set to take to the streets of Dublin tomorrow, Tuesday, November 26, organisers have confirmed.

In a brief statement on the matter, one organiser outlined to AgriLand that it has been arranged for farmers protesting on foot to meet at Merrion Square for 11:00am, with protesters on tractors meeting at 12:00pm.

The protesters have outlined six key issues of contention which has led them to demonstrate.

These, they say, include:
  • Carbon tax;
  • Protecting family farms;
  • Barriers preventing the Beef Market Taskforce;
  • Reform of state agencies;
  • Neglect of rural Ireland; and
  • The dairy bull calf issue.

Explaining these points, organisers have said that, firstly, carbon tax should be re-dispersed back into farms to allow them make necessary changes to meet climate obligations.

It was highlighted that family farms must be protected to ensure sustainable incomes, while calls have also been made for the removal of barriers that are preventing the convening of the Beef Market Taskforce.

A “root-and-branch reform of state agencies” including Teagasc and Bord Bia has been called for, while organisers are also criticising the “overall Government neglect” of rural areas in relation to services and infrastructure.

Finally, the organisers have pointed to the issue of dairy bull calves, which farmers are facing this spring, criticising “low-value bull calves which there is no market for”.