Recount called for IFA deputy presidential race

A recount has been called in the race for deputy president for the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), following a difference of just 36 votes.

The recount was called by Thomas Cooney, who, at the end of the first count, found himself just 36 votes behind Brian Rushe.

The results of the count were 11,374 votes for Rushe, with Cooney not far behind at 11,338.

This represents a total valid poll for the deputy presidential election of 22,712.

The announcement of the winner of the deputy presidential race was delayed for a period this afternoon, presumably because of the close results.

Presidential race

Earlier, the results of the first count for the presidential race was announced, which revealed a notable lead for Tim Cullinan – while Angus Woods was eliminated.

Cullinan picked up 8,334 votes, almost 1,000 ahead of John Coughlan, on 7,402. Woods ended up a short way behind Coughlan, on 7,149.

The second preferences from Woods will be distributed during the second count, which is currently underway.

All in all, 22,998 votes were cast throughout the country for IFA president. Of these, 113 ballot papers were spoiled, resulting in a total valid poll of 22,885.

This represents a turnout (from around 72,000 members) of approximately 32%.

Returning officer Richard Kennedy revealed the quota for the election is 11,443.