Percentage turnout in IFA presidential elections revealed

As the count in the Irish Farmers’ Association’s (IFA’s) 2019 presidential elections continues into the evening, the results of the first count have revealed the total turnout in the association’s 2019 election.

In all, a total of 22,998 votes were cast by members of the IFA in the presidential elections.

The IFA claims to have a total membership of approximately 72,000 members – leaving the percentage turnout in the 2019 elections at just below 32%.

Of the 22,998 votes that were cast in the elections, 113 of these ballot papers were spoiled, leaving a total valid poll of 22,885.

Here’s how it’s looking on a county-by-county basis following the conclusion of the first count:

Returning officer Richard Kennedy revealed the quota for the election is 11,443.

The first count

Following the first count, Tim Cullinan is in the lead at the conclusion of the first count, with 8,334 votes cast in his favour.

Meanwhile, Angus Woods has been eliminated after the first count, with 7,149 votes going his way.

This leaves it as a two-horse race between Co. Tipperary’s Cullinan and Co. Cork’s John Coughlan, who achieved 7,402 votes in the first count.

The second preference votes from Woods will now be distributed in the second count, after which, a clear winner is expected to emerge.

The second count is now getting underway, following the announcement of the first count results.

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