Pronar tractors – built in Poland for Poland

While the Pronar brand-name is relatively unknown here in Ireland, the entity is a manufacturer of some significance in its native Poland.

Pronar manufactures a notably wide range of equipment; its farming line-up includes: tractors; front loaders and attachments; trailers; mowers; tedders; rakes; round balers; wrappers; fertiliser spreaders; and diet feeders (mixer wagons).

Tractor line-up

The biggest tractor is the 8140 (below); its 6-cylinder, turbocharged Deutz engine churns out 265hp. That’s coupled to a 40F 40R ZF transmission, with an electro-hydraulic shuttle and a 4-speed powershift. Rear lift capacity is 10.5t; control is via a Bosch electronic unit.


Next up is the 7150 (below). It, too, has a 6-cylinder, turbocharged Deutz engine; this time producing 176hp. Again, it has a 40F 40R ZF transmission. Rear lift capacity, this time, is slightly lower at 9.5t.


The 6-cylinder 6180 (below) appears somewhat different to its two bigger siblings; partially due to its cab. It’s rated at 147hp. This tractor weighs 7.3t; gross (maximum) permissible weight is 9t.


There’s also a 141hp 6170 and, beneath that in the Polish company’s line-up, a 101hp, 4-cylinder 5340 (below). It has a more basic specification, with a 16F 16R ZF gearbox (with a 2-speed powershift). This tractor tips the scales at just over 5t.


Other tractors in the range include the 86hp 5222 and the pint-sized 320AMK (36hp).

Pronar: A brief insight

Pronar was founded almost 30 years ago in Narew in north-eastern Poland. ‘Pro’ means production; ‘Nar’ is an abbreviation of Narew – hence the company name.


Nowadays, Pronar has more than 2,000 employees. Activities are spread across seven factories, located on an area the size of 80 football pitches. 600t of steel are used daily.


Pronar claims to be the market leader (in its home country) in the production and sales of machinery and equipment for agriculture, municipal services and transportation; it boasts of having a near 50% market share in Poland.

Pronar also claims to be one of the world’s “leading” manufacturers of: wheels for agricultural and municipal machinery; pneumatic and hydraulic systems; and axles (for trailers).


The company has established dealer networks in most EU countries, alongside Scandinavia and Russia. It now exports to over 60 countries – including Africa, North and South America, as well as New Zealand and Australia.


Export markets

Pronar has recently appointed a distributor in the UK; it imports a range of machinery but not tractors. Pronar-built tractors are only sold in its native Poland – and not in any export markets.

The UK importer – namely Pronar UK – has been up and running since the end of 2016. It already has a network of dealers across Britain. Will we see dealers established here in Ireland? Watch this space…