Tonight (Saturday, January 15), somebody, perhaps a farmer, a family, or a group of people in Ireland may be €19 million richer, as the National Lottery Jackpot must be won.

It was confirmed this week that after a seven-month rollover without a jackpot winner, the lottery regulator gave approval for a ‘must win’ draw.

The top prize, which has been capped at €19.06 million since early October, has not been won since June, 2021, but an additional €23.9 million has been added to lower tier prizes.

The National Lottery has said that if the ‘will-be-won’ lotto jackpot is not won outright, the full value of the jackpot prize will flow down to the next winning prize tier.

We are always reminded that ‘it could be you’ so as you are daydreaming about the millions, here are some way that you may choose to splash the lotto cash:

Tractor jackpot

Whatever badge you pledge your allegiance to, many farmers may decide that a tractor upgrade is on the cards with their potential €19 million windfall.

Priced at €568,881 (excluding VAT), the John Deere 9RX 640 would be an eye-catching addition to any yard.

Maybe the Case Magnum Rowtrac 380 costing €425,442 (excluding VAT) or the 673hp Fendt 1167 MT at €425,265 (excluding VAT) are more your style?

But machinery fans could also be tempted by other ‘big toys’ such as the Claas Xerion, JCB Fastrac and Unimog.

Certainly, every dealership in the country would be welcoming you with open arms after a trip to the National Lottery headquarters!


Mark Twain was definitely onto something when he wrote, “buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.

With a bank balance of at least €19 million, farmers will be spoiled for choice at home and abroad.

If you have always dreamed of starring in your very own western, Bow and Arrow Ranch in the US state of Colorado is currently on the market for just over $14 million.

That price will secure you almost 58,000ac of land with cattle facilities and “exceptional” deer, elk and turkey hunting.


Or if you want to expand your Irish operations, €1.9 million will buy you a 124ac holding in Fethard Co. Tipperary.

The farm is currently a mixture of tillage ground and grass, with a small area planted.


After the busy upcoming calving season, many dairy farmers will be looking forward to a well-earned break.

If you match the six numbers and the bonus ball drawn tonight, the world would certainly be your oyster.

You could decide to stay in the world’s most expensive hotel, Lover’s Deep, which is actually a submarine in the waters of St. Lucia in the Caribbean; a one night stay will set you back around €200,000.

So whether it is a caravan in beautiful Ballybunion or an a round-the-world trip taking in the wonders of the world, the choice could be yours!


However, maybe your focus won’t be on foreign shores but adding to your herd; the jackpot would certainly help at the mart.

Last February, a new world record for a pedigree Limousin animal was set in the UK when the 2019-born Wilodge Poshspice sold for a staggering 250,000gns.

This heifer had Irish heritage, as she was the result of an embryo sold by breeder William Smith from Oldcastle in Co. Meath.

Wilodge Poshspice – Image source: Wilodge Facebook/ Wayne Hutchinson

Farmers are always looking for a good farm dog, so perhaps you could spend some of your new found wealth on Kim.

Last year, the red-and-white border collie fetched a price of £28,455 at an auction in Wales, making her the world’s most expensive sheepdog.


If you want to beat the traffic at the National Ploughing Championships or touch down in style at the Galway Races in Ballybrit, how about your own helicopter?


For a new Bell Ranger helicopter, you can expect to pay around €1 million, but remember that is before you hire the pilot!

Then again, talk among farming circles these days constantly hears jokes about needing the lotto winnings to pay the fertiliser bill this year!