Interim emergency flood-relief works at Lough Funshinagh, Co. Roscommon are still on hold following the adjournment of High Court proceedings today (January 14), involving Roscommon County Council and Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE).

In December 2021, the High Court granted FIE leave to seek a judicial review of the controversial Roscommon flood works.

The works, involving the installation of an overflow pipe in a bid to prevent flooding, were approved by the chief executive of Roscommon County Council on October 14 last.

A stay on flood works at Lough Funshinagh was also imposed at that time and that stay remains in place for a further two weeks.

Both parties appeared before the High Court today but the case was adjourned until January 28, when it will be back before the High Court (commercial list). A date for the full judicial review hearing may be set at this time.

In a statement, Roscommon County Council said:

“Today, the FIE asked the High Court to make an order continuing a prohibition on flood relief work at Lough Funshinagh, while awaiting the outcome of their pending legal challenge. The argument did not conclude.

“The court adjourned to January 28 to allow lawyers representing FIE and the attorney general to make submissions, and to allow the parties address the court on a relevant judgment that was delivered earlier today.”

Roscommon County Council also said that the court prescribed a timetable for the legal challenge to its flood works, which would see the main case ready for hearing in May 2022.