Spring dairy sales have kicked off at marts, with Enniscorthy Mart holding its first sale of the year this week.

The dairy sale, which took place on Wednesday, January 12, saw a good entry of in-calf and freshly calved heifers.

Enniscorthy dairy sale

After the sale, Agriland spoke with Enniscorthy Mart manager Kevin Murphy to gain some insight into the sale.

Commenting on the dairy sale, Kevin said: “We had a busy day with our regular sheep and calf sales, as well as our first dairy sale of the year.

“There was a very strong online presence for the dairy sale with close to 60% of the sale being purchased online, with some of the bidders coming a good distance.

“The sale was lively from the start, with the freshly calved heifers selling best on the day. They ranged from €1,410 to €1,680.”

In-calf Friesian heifers made up the majority of the sale, which Kevin said also sold well on the day.

“The heifers with paperwork [milk recording data] behind them met the biggest interest, selling from €1,360 to €1,550,” according to Kevin.

“While the heifers without paperwork were more dependent on their calving date and size to generate interest.

“These heifers ranged from €1,100 for light heifers a bit further away from calving, up to €1,460 for strong heifers without paperwork.”

Concluding, Kevin stated: “Overall, a very positive start to the year, which resulted with a full clearance.”

Calf sale

Moving to the weekly calf sale at Enniscorthy Mart; the sale saw an increase in numbers, with almost 150 calves on offer at the Co. Wexford mart.

Commenting on the trade, Kevin said: “The trade is just as strong as before Christmas with Friesian calves selling up to €215 for squarer calves a month old.

“While the softer Friesians for export ranged from €50 up to €110.”

Continuing, Kevin stated: “Continental bull calves sold anywhere from €230 for the lesser quality up to €425 for a nice quality Belgian Blue bull, with heifers making from €200 reaching up to €405 on the day.

“Hereford and Angus bull calves ranged from €230 up to €420, while heifers ranged from €180 up to €370 for a quality Hereford.

“There was also a couple of pens of strong calves and runners with a nice Limousin bull topping the sale and making €660.”