The IFA’s Executive Council is meeting in Dublin today over pay revelations which have shocked the organisation to its core.

A number of regional branches have called for the board of IFA to step down including IFA President Eddie Downey and allow an election take place.

It comes in the wake of last week’s shock resignation of the IFA’s General Secretary, Pat Smith. The IFA revealed last week that the former General Secretary of the IFA’s 2013 salary was €535,000 in total – comprising a basic salary of €295,000, a €150,000 pension contribution and a €60,000 bonus as well as a €30,000 sum from IFA telecom.

Smith’s 2014 salary was also revealed at the meeting – it was €445,000. This comprised a €295,000 basic salary, along with a €150,000 pension contribution. Both years also saw Smith enjoy the use of a company car.

This week IFA President Eddie Downey announced he was stepped back from his role of IFA President as an investigation into the corporate governance of the organisation is undertaken by the Associations former Chief Economist Con Lucey.

Tim O’Leary, who is stepping into Downey’s role said the association is committed to ensure the pay scandal will never occur again.