Agriland made the trip to Athenry Mart on Monday (October 24) to cast an eye over the mart’s sheep sale, which saw a strong number of heavy lambs on offer.

There were just under 80 pens of lambs on offer, with the majority weighing in excess of 45kg and some weighing upwards of 48kg.

Heavy lambs were a sharper trade than in recent weeks, with many selling above €140/head to a high of €147/head.

A good, solid demand was seen for the store lambs, in particular the forward stores that were on offer.

The number of cull ewes on offer was steady for what would be generally seen at Athenry Mart, with the majority of ewes on offer in the 70-80kg weight range.

Lambs, in excess of 48kg sold from €138/head up to €147/head, with the vast majority of lambs weighing at and above 50kg selling in excess of €140/head.

Lambs in the 45-47kg weight bracket traded in the main from €127/head up to €136/head.

Lambs in the 40-44kg weight bracket exchanged hands from €109/head up to €120/head in general.

Light stores were few and far between, but for the ones that were there, there were farmers for them. Prices for these lambs, weighing from 35-38.5kg, ranged from just over €75/head up to €95/head.