The main Northern Irish milk processors have all announced their prices for October supplies in recent days; below is a summary of where the Northern Irish industry is at the moment, and how suppliers are faring for last month’s milk.

First out, on Wednesday, November 13, Lakeland Dairies said it has held its milk price for October at 24.5p/L (29c/L).

Lakeland’s winter bonus of 3p/L will come into place in November, a co-op spokesperson confirmed.

Meanwhile, Strathroy announced last week that it will pay a held price of 24.5c/L, plus a 1p/L winter bonus to give 25.5p/L (30c/L).

Dale Farm revealed a cut to the base price of 0.25p/L. The base price for October will be 24.24p/L; however, a 0.3p/L loyalty bonus, plus a 2p/L winter bonus, will also apply for relevant suppliers.

Glanbia Milk held its price of 25.5p/L – but sister company Glanbia Cheese reduced its price by 0.25p/L to 23.75p/L.

Finally, Aurivo held its October price at 24.75p/L, plus a 2p/L winter bonus.

UFU reaction

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) has condemned local dairy processors for cutting the base milk price and says it is bewildered by their decision to do so.

Speaking after the price decrease was confirmed, UFU deputy president Victor Chestnutt said:

We have issued eight press releases since January voicing our concern at the pricing policy of local dairy processors and these have been met with appalling apathy.

“Local processors have ignored dairy commodity indicators and instead used Brexit as an excuse not to pay the true price for milk, leaving farmers angry and frustrated,” Chestnutt claimed.