No end in sight for rain but mild temperatures will continue

Most parts of the country will remain wet in the coming week, after two weeks of higher-than-average rain values, according to Met Eireann.

In fact, only the northwest of the country will have below-average rainfall, while the southwest will be hardest hit by the showers, with 100mm of rainfall expected.

This follows the trend of the past two weeks, which has seen above average rainfall in most parts of the country, and more than double the average for the south.

The wet spells will be broken up by drier periods, but with the threat of rain ever-present.

In terms of temperature, this relatively mild spell will continue this week, with above-average figures keeping steady for the time being – around 5° to 11° during the day.

This will follow on from similar temperatures last week, where again, the northwest was the exception, being the only region to experience colder-than-normal figures.

Looking at sunshine values, this week will continue to be fairly normal for this time of year, with weekly totals of about five to 12 hours, according to Met Eireann.

Drying conditions will be poor in virtually all parts of the country, and opportunities for spraying will be rare, if, indeed, there’s any at all.

Soil is very wet at the moment and many areas are waterlogged, with this unlikely to change in the near future.