New trailed, centre-pivot mowers…from Fendt

New trailed, centre-pivot mowers from Fendt (one of which is pictured above) can be had in two working widths – 3m and 3.5m.

They are available with tine or roller conditioners (though clearly the tine-based option is the one to go for in this part of the world).

Centre-pivot machines can work on either side of the tractor; it’s the first time machines of this type have been offered by Fendt. However, Fendt has had a line-up of more basic mowers (built in the Fella factory) in its product dossier for some time.

The new machines – namely the Slicer TKC (tine/finger conditioner) and Slicer TRC (roller conditioner) – will be available for the 2019 silage campaign.

Also new from Fendt for next year is the Booster 285 DN (pictured below); it’s a tine-type swath conditioner with a pick-up width of 1.82m.

According to Fendt, its “large-diameter” rotor ensures “high throughput – even at high flow-rates”. Flexible tines ensure a “more gentle feed intake”.

The new Fendt Former 1502 rake (pictured below) is a side-delivery model.

It has a range of working widths, which can be adjusted hydraulically (and in a stepless manner). This twin-rotor machine can produce a single swath at working widths from 3.6 to 6.3m or a double-swath working across a width of up to 7m.

Other new rakes include the Former 400 DN – a small, single-rotor machine with a working width of 3.85m – and the updated Former 10065. The latter machine is a twin-rotor model that’s essentially a more basic version of the previous ‘Pro’ unit.