Nationwide Status Yellow weather advisory warning issued

Met Éireann has issued a Status Yellow weather advisory warning for the full country this afternoon, Monday, June 24.

Issued today, the warning will be valid from 12:00pm today through to 10:00pm tonight, according to the national meteorological office.

The office has warned that there is a risk of heavy thundery downpours, especially over Munster and Leinster which may lead to spot flooding.

Met Éireann said that there will be good sunshine in parts of the country during the day.

However, heavy thundery showers will break out from late morning onward, though many places will continue to remain dry for the day, the national forecaster said.

It will become warm with highs of 18° to 22° in light breezes, according to the national meteorological office.

The last of any showers will die out by late evening and the night will be mainly dry and clear with lows of 11° or 12°, while mist and fog patches are again likely to form.

Warm and humid conditions during the coming week will be conducive for the spread of potato blight with last week’s Status Yellow blight warning remaining in place.

There may be the odd shower tomorrow but in general it will be a warm, sunny and dry day with temperatures continuing to improve.

Highs of 19° to 23° are expected in north-east breezes.