National average factory prices for steers, cows, heifers for the week 20 January 2013 to the 26 January 2014, as reported by the Department of Agriculture this afternoon.


Factory prices received by farmers for steers more or less held firm last week with steers mainly making €4/kg. National average prices paid for U=3= cattle which was 410c/kg last week which represents a €0.10 increase when compared to the previous week. For cattle in the R=3= grade 404c/kg was received on average by farmers which was unchanged on the previous week. For O=3= steers farmers received on average 389c/kg also which was up €0.4 on the previous week.


Average cow factory prices didn’t change much last week either but are still at a low level. Top class U=3= cows were the main movers on average making 368c/kg up €0.8 on previous week. R=3= grade cows were slightly down on average receiving 336c/kg on average, down €0.3 on the previous week. Poorer grading O=3= were up last week at 311c/kg showing.


Heifer factory prices were more or less unchanged across all grade classes last week Quotes for heifers were generally in the region of €4.10/kg. Quality U=3= heifers were making 441c/kg on average last week €0.2 up on the previous week. Farmers killing R=3= heifers were receiving 420c/kg on average which is unchanged on the previous week. O=3= heifers average prices were down also last week with an average price 408c/kg paid.