Met Éireann has said that there will be sunny spells and scattered showers, some of which will be heavy, over the June Bank Holiday weekend.

Today (Friday, June 3) will bring sunshine and showers with top temperatures of 14° to 17°, according to the national forecaster. Northeast winds will be light to moderate.

It will be become drier in the evening and overnight, but there may be a few showers in the south. Temperatures will drop to 6° to 9° and winds will remain light to moderate.

Met Éireann

Saturday (June 4) will be a dry and sunny day in most places; southern areas may see some showers.

Top temperatures will range from 14° to 19°; it will feel warmest in the west in light to moderate northeasterly winds.

Overnight, Munster and Leinster will experience the most frequent of the scattered showers, however it will be drier in the north.

Lowest temperatures of 7° to 11° in light to moderate breezes.

On Sunday (June 5), the scattered showers may turn heavy, particularly in eastern and southern regions.

There will be some sunshine with highest temperatures of 14° to 19°, again feeling warmest in the west.

Temperatures will fall back to between 8° and 11° on Sunday night in the light to moderate easterly winds.

Further scattered showers for Munster and Leinster are being forecast for Monday (June 6). It will be sunnier in the north and west of the country. There will be light variable winds with temperatures of 14° to 18°.

Tuesday (June 7) will be sunny and mainly dry, apart from some showers in the south. Highest temperatures of 15° to 20°, warmest in the northwest in variable, light winds.

Met Éireann said that it currently appears that there will be more persistent rain on Wednesday (June 8) with daytime temperatures in the mid to high teens.