Met Éireann has today (Friday, July 15) issued a Status Yellow weather warning for high temperatures over the coming days.

The national forecaster said that there will be “exceptionally warm weather” across the country on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Temperatures are set to range from 25-30° in general, with a possibility of the mercury hitting 32° in some areas during Monday.

The warm conditions will also make it difficult to sleep, with night time temperatures to hover around 15-20°.

Met Éireann has warned that the hot spell can bring a risk of heat stress, especially for more vulnerable people.

It also advised the public to protect their skin to prevent sunburn, as the solar UV index is expected to be high, and to take care if swimming or going out on the water.

The Status Yellow warning, which applies to the entire country, is valid from 6:00a.m on Sunday until 9:00p.m on Tuesday (July 19).

Met Éireann said that the hot spell is due to come to an end by Wednesday (July 20) when temperatures will return to normal levels.


Meanwhile, following a cloudy start in most areas today, brighter conditions are due to develop by this afternoon and evening bringing sunshine to most parts.

Temperatures will range from 18-24°, feeling warmest in the south and southeast and cooler on western and northern coasts due to northwesterly breezes.

There will be long clear spells tonight and it will remain dry, some mist or fog patches will develop in the calm conditions, with temperatures between 8-12°.

The fog and mist will clear on Saturday to leave a bright and sunny morning. There will be cloud in some parts which will bring the chance of isolated showers.

There will be light to moderate southerly winds and daytime temperatures will reach 21-26°.

It will be mostly dry on Saturday night with some isolated showers and south to southeast breezes will fall light. It will feel very mild in the overnight temperatures of 13-16°.