Carnaross Mart, Co. Meath, hosted its weekly sale of bullocks on Monday, November 6, with approximately 490 bullocks on offer in the sale.

Speaking to Agriland, mart manager Padraig McElroy said: “Heavy cattle are in high demand at the moment and northern Ireland-based customers are really helping the trade.”

Approximately 80 cattle were exported north from the Monday sale at Carnaross.

Sample prices from the bullock sale:

The top price per kg at the Monday sale was €1,340 or €3.27/kg for a 410kg Charolais bullock.

Numbers of cattle in the sale are lower than previous weeks when there were over 1,000 bullocks on offer for several consecutive weeks.

McElroy said: “Top-end bullocks are making over €3.00/kg. We had a good 745kg continental bullock here on Monday sold for €2,360 or €3.17/kg and there was a good 670kg Angus bullock that sold for €2,030 or €3.03/kg.

“Hereford and Angus bullocks don’t seem to be that plentiful but remain in high demand.”

More sample prices from the Monday sale:

He also said there are “plenty of customers for the Friesian bullocks with a 700kg Friesian bullock making €1,510 or €2.16/kg but noted that a lot of the Friesian bullocks over 500kg are generally trading from €2-2.10/kg.