Galway IFA could be set for a major split as members in north Galway say they have formed their own group – the North Galway IFA Regional Group.

Some 19 north Galway IFA branches were represented at a meeting in Tuam on Tuesday, January 12.

Those who attended the meeting expressed a keen interest in forming a North Galway Executive to represent and lobby for the farmers of north Galway into the future, according to the association.

They have taken this decision because they feel their views were not been adhered or listened to, Cathal Joyce, Chairman of Cortoon-Lavally branch has said.

“We’ve decided to support the local branches in north Galway as a group.”

Joyce said that IFA members west of Lough Corrib have also been contacted about the new group.

The current Galway Executive is been dominated by a dynasty of dictators in the county and have alienated the grassroots, according to Joyce.

The group fully endorsed Joe Healy in his bid to become the next IFA President however, it has expressed concern over the way the nominations for the Connacht Chair position was handled.

According to the group, this was only added to the agenda of the Galway County Executive meeting on Monday, January 11, three hours before the meeting by text.

The group feels that it was denied the opportunity to express views on candidate selection.

The North Galway IFA Regional Group has selected Tom Kelly as Chairman and it has a 12-man executive group.

According to Joyce, the clubs there would feel they’d have a better voice in a smaller group and that some people’s interests on one side of the county are different to the other side.

“Members are left with the feeling that they’re not being heard,” Joyce said.

Agriland contacted Pat Murphy, the Galway County Chairman, for a comment, however he could not be reached.

Peter Gohery, Galway’s second County Chair, said that the Galway Executive could send officers to the north Galway members to meet them and listen to their views.

“We will listen to the views of everyone in the county.”

IFA HQ declined to comment.