Tom Turley will be challenged for his Connacht Chairman position, from within his own county and outside of it.

Another candidate from Galway was proposed and seconded at a Galway Executive meeting held on Monday night.

Bertie Roche from Abbey is challenging Turley for his position on the Executive Board.

Speaking to Agriland, Tomas O Fatharta of the Eyrecourt branch who was at the meeting, said that there are huge problems in Galway at the moment and that the county is ‘split’.

“A lot didn’t attend the meeting from north Galway the last night – they’re sick of what’s going on there in the IFA.

The Connacht candidacy was one of the last items on the agenda on Monday. Tom Turley was proposed and seconded and Bertie Roche was also proposed and seconded.

O Fatharta said that there was no vote for a candidate on the night as there wasn’t an up to date list of eligible voting members, however, he said Galway is set to reconvene next week to vote.

“We asked for the Executive Board to resign in the wake of the Pat Smith affair – we want change going forward.

“We need to clean out the decks and there’s no point moving the chairs on the Titanic.”

Mayo IFA to put forward a candidate for Connacht

Mayo IFA is to hold a County Executive meeting on Monday next and the Connacht candidacy is on the agenda at the meeting, Padraic Joyce, Mayo County Chairman has said.

It is understood that Joyce will be putting his own name forward as Mayo candidate for Connacht.

Roscommon IFA is to meet next week also and it will be decided at the meeting if the county will be putting a candidate forward for election, according to John Hanley the County Chairman.

Sligo IFA is in a similar situation to Roscommon – they are to hold a meeting soon also.

County Chairman JP Cowley has said that “as of now no one seems to be going forward”.

Leitrim IFA was contacted however, they were unavailable for comment.